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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


KingIsle has just released a new game and I thought you guys would be very interested in it here it is.

Introducing our newest family friendly multiplayergame - Pirate101

Pirate101 is a free to play MMO Pirate adventure game with
flying ships, board game combat and far off worlds
that's safe for kids and fun for players of all ages!
The game allows players to create their own Pirate
to sail through the Skyways in hopes of treasure and
daring quests.

Pirate101 is family friendly, but challenging enough for players of all ages.
We are currently awaiting our exclusive closed Beta.
You can sign-up for more information as Pirate101 continues to grow and develop.

Make sure to head over to for a chance to win a spot in test out the
Beta and all you have to do is sign up with your wizard101 account. If you do happen to get
a spot in test the Beta version you can use you subscription and or
crowns from your wizard101 account to get stuff in Pirate101 as well. 
Hope you all sign up for this game when it comes out!
Make sure to watch their sneak peak at

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